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IDG Contributor Network: How real-time notifications and event-driven design enable intelligent applications

There was a time when letting people know about something required calling a land line and hoping the person happened to be near it. Otherwise, you needed to physically track...

Phishing AI | Salted Hash Ep 42

Host Steve Ragan is joined by Lookout’s Jeremy Richards, who manages the @PhishingAI account on Twitter, as well as a good friend and fellow reporter from Ars Technica.

IDG Contributor Network: Facing the new build vs. buy problem in application delivery

The market for application components delivered in the cloud using a subscription model is exploding—it spans the and it is .Given the high quality of these component services, it...

IDG Contributor Network: How next-generation tools are impacting your software supply chain

You can’t build and scale a world-class IT capability in a vacuum.To optimize the delivery of software products, you need a holistic view of the software supply chain. This means...

IDG Contributor Network: The secret to ensuring your software project stays on budget

Time and budget overruns are so common in software development that they’ve become de facto standard operating procedures. A full two-thirds of enterprise IT projects run over budget by as...

Mingis on Tech: Apple's latest iOS healthcare push

Computerworld | Feb 21, 2018 When iOS 11.3 arrives, it will allow a limited number of users to more easily access and share healthcare data – part of Apple's ongoing push...

SaaS-ifying your enterprise application? A quick-and-dirty guide

<!--SaaS-ifying your enterprise application? A quick-and-dirty guide | TechDailyHub ...

IDG Contributor Network: Salesforce uncoded: the reality of code-free Salesforce communities

As a senior technical director at Primitive Logic, I have the happy privilege of working with a large variety of technologies. While I am still very hands-on, I almost always...

Get 3 Years of NordVPN Service for Just $2.75 Per Month

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