How live streaming is reinventing education

Live streaming is a multi-billion-dollar industry. Twitter, Facebook, and other social media companies are investing millions of dollars to integrate live streaming into their platforms. Educational sites are also trying...

IDG Contributor Network: Consumers and blockchain: lots of promise, many hurdles

Blockchain is making headway into finance as banks are their own blockchain projects and many startups leverage new blockchain platforms to power their offerings. Even investing and venture capital...

How the dark web has gone corporate

CSO Online | Jul 25, 2017 Some criminals on the dark web are taking their cues from the practices of corporate IT. Illicit offerings run the gamut from code that buyers...

The next wave of IoT innovations

Tom Soderstrom talks about the cutting-edge work happening at Jet Propulsion Lab in the emerging field of internet of things.

What's next in IoT innovations?

Tom Soderstrom talks about the cutting-edge work happening at Jet Propulsion Lab in the evolving field of internet of things.

Mingis on Tech: The lowdown on Cisco Live

Network World | Jun 28, 2017 Network World's Brandon Butler checks in from Las Vegas, where this week's Cisco Live is under way. The big story: Cisco's efforts to move from...

Cisco's New Network Management

Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins on intent-based networking

Watch: Vint Cerf on inventing the Internet, defending Al Gore

Vinton Cerf in 2001: Inventing the Internet, defending Al Gore The following are excerpts from a Nov. 2, 2001 oral history interview with Dr. Vinton G. Cerf, then senior vice...

Conservative group takes credit for anti-net neutrality comments

A conservative group took credit for a barrage of anti-net neutrality comments posted on the U.S. Federal Communications Commission's website this week, but it denied generating fake activism.The Center for Individual...

Uber offers taxi service, not software as a service, says EU court official

Uber operates a transport service, not a software service, and so can be subject to taxi licensing regulations, the Advocate General of the Court of Justice of the European Union...