What developers should know about Windows’s shift to Chromium

for Windows’s Microsoft Edge browser is one of the biggest changes to the Windows platform in a long time. Windows has had its own HTML rendering engine since the...

Preventing data leakage in Windows

Set data loss prevention policies in Windows 10 to prevent data leakage.

Microsoft puts desktop apps in containers with Windows Sandbox

Microsoft has shipped a new feature in Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise builds 18305 and up that let users create throwaway desktop environments for testing and developing software.Normally, developers have...

Red Hat offers support for open source Java on Windows

<!--Red Hat offers support for open source Java on Windows | Techdailyhub

Preventing malicious links in Windows

Set Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection policies to block known malicious URL addresses.

How to set up multi-factor authentication in Microsoft Office 365

Follow these steps to enable multi-factor authentication in Office 365 for more secure log-ins.

Avoid malicious Outlook email forwarding

Set up Office 365 to defend against hackers who use hidden Outlook rules to forward emails.

How to use Windows Delivery Optimization

Allow devices to share and distribute updates across a network without having to rely on Windows Software Update Services.

How to script a security feature update with Windows 10

There are many ways to install feature release updates: You can install them via Microsoft update using the Windows update for Business settings to defer the feature update until...

How to manually delay Windows updates

Windows 10 update settings are varied and at times confusing. Here is an exact listing of the settings that I use that allows me to control exact when updates...