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Open Source Software

Open Source Software

Microsoft’s attempt to fork Kubernetes via AKS will fail

Given some recent , Microsoft’s executive vce president for Azure, it’s worth repeating: If you have a choice to make between superior technology and superior community, take the community option....

Why you should use Gandiva for Apache Arrow

Over the past three years has exploded in popularity across a range of different open source communities. In the Python community alone, Arrow is being downloaded more than 500,000...

GraphQL gets its own foundation

The Linux Foundation plans to host a foundation to support the GraphQL API project, with the intent of growing a neutral ecosystem for the technology.GraphQL is a specification for building...

15 tools to tame Kubernetes deployments

Kubernetes has become a standard way—many would say the standard way — to deploy containerized applications at scale. But if Kubernetes helps us to tame sprawling and complex container deployments, what’s...

Oracle’s Wookiee brings microservices to Scala developers

<!--Oracle’s Wookiee brings microservices to Scala developers | Techdailyhub

Microsoft revamps machine learning tools for Apache Spark

<!--Microsoft revamps machine learning tools for Apache Spark | Techdailyhub

What’s new in Ubuntu Linux 18.10 ‘Cosmic Cuttlefish’

Canonical’s Ubuntu distribution for Linux has earned a reputation for being user-friendly, with editions aimed at desktop, server, cloud, and IoT users. This changelog tracks updates to Ubuntu across its...

MongoDB’s new license won’t solve its China problem

MongoDB’s shift away from the Affero GPL to its homegrown Server-Side Public License (SSPL) or, rather, what it should mean. But it’s also very clearly an attempt to push...

PostgreSQL 11 taps LLVM and parallelization for speed boost

The developers behind open source SQL database PostgreSQL, long vaunted as both an and a , has .Current users of PostgreSQL shouldn’t find the changes in the new edition...

So long, JCP: Eclipse has a new Java spec process in mind

<!--So long, JCP: Eclipse has a new Java spec process in mind | Techdailyhub