Microsoft’s newly released Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 15007 promotes the struggling Edge browser by making it easier to import data from other browsers. In addition, the build adds capabilities for Universal Windows Platform, Bluetooth, and Cortana.

The build for PCs and mobile devices was released Thursday, Jan. 12, to Windows users in the fast ring, which is the fastest beta test group. The 15007 build follows by a few days , which added capabilities like an improved interface and metered connection status for Wi-Fi and unplugged Ethernet connections.

For PCs, the 15007 build’s revised Edge application makes it easier to bring data like favorites, browsing history, and saved passwords from another browser when switching to Edge, said Dona Sparker, software engineer in Microsoft’s Windows and Devices Group. The revised Edge can also share tabs with compatible Windows apps.

XAML scrollbar improvements for , for both the PC and mobile versions of the OS, ensure the scrollbar’s availability when needed while taking up less space. The panning indicator now appears when the user mouses over a scrolling region, and the full scrollbar appears when a user wants to directly interact with it. This improvement will be visible in apps using the Windows 10 Creators SDK.

to help find links in Edge, SharePoint, and various cloud storage services in the Action Center when switching between PCs. It’s similar in concept to the browser window synchronization in Apple’s Safari, but works with more than web pages.