NetBeans 10 adds support for latest Java and PHP

NetBeans 10 adds support for latest Java and PHP


NetBeans 10 adds support for latest Java and PHP | Techdailyhub

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Apache NetBeans 10, the latest version of the open source IDE for Java SE, PHP, and JavaScript development, is now available as a production release.

Where to download NetBeans 10

You can from Apache’s NetBeans project page.

What’s new in NetBeans 10

Key to NetBeans 10 is enhanced support for as well as capabilities for PHP and the .

For JDK 11, which arrived in September 2018, NetBeans 10.0 supports dynamic class file constants, which broadens expressivity options for language designers and compiler implementors. Other capabilities for JDK 11 include:

  • Local-variable syntax support for lambda parameters, to align the syntax of a formal parameter declaration in an implicitly typed lambda expression with the syntax of a local variable declaration.
  • Code completion for var lambda parameters.
  • Removal of Corba modules.
  • Integration with the nb-javac project to support JDK 11. The project has long provided a patched version of javac Java compiler for the NetBeans Java editor.

For PHP, NetBeans 10 lets developers add trailing commas in function calls under . Developers also can use the list reference assignment as well as flexible heredoc and nowdoc syntaxes. Its PHP 7.2 support includes trailing commas in list syntax, coloring for object types, and PHP version in project properties. For PHP 7.1, NetBeans 10 adds support for class constant visibility as well as multicache exception handling, nullable types, and coloring for the void and iterable keywords. The context-sensitive lexer from PHP 7.0 is supported as well.

JUnit 5.3.1 was added as a library in NetBeans, for quickly adding it to Java projects. The JUnit 5 @Testable annotation is supported, also.