Senior security industry professionals weighed in about the travel ban imposed this weekend by President Trump, and worried that the repercussions could go far beyond the handful of countries singled out so far.

The nation’s cybersecurity posture would be hurt in numerous ways, they said, citing increased anti-American sentiment spurring more hacking attacks, hurting international cyber enforcement cooperation efforts, discouraging foreign students from coming here to study, hurting recruitment efforts, and influencing organizers of international cybersecurity conferences to look at other countries for meeting locations.

And while most of these effects will take time to be realized, some companies have already felt the impact of the ban.

San Jose-based cloud security company Zscaler, Inc. will be holding a sales event next month, and an employee who originally came from Iran might not be able to make the event, said company CEO Jay Chaudhry.

“The countries on the travel ban list have been on the long term prohibited list, for decades,” he said. “The venomous relations between the US and these countries goes back a very long time and both sides of the table have substantial issues with each other.”

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